In addition to the lack of information on drug taking, another important factor that causes men to stop using these drugs very quickly is to ignore the overall psychological status of a man and assessing his relationship with a partner. Namely, doctors often forget that erectile function is not just a function of the penis, but of the entire human being, which is needed in the treatment. In other words, it is not enough just to give a cure, but you need to talk to a man about his expectations, current stressors, partner relationship, work or family problems that can be reflected in his sexual function.

It is extremely important to estimate anxiety because its presence reduces the effect of PDE5 inhibitors. In the case of men who are judged to be the most psychological factors, psycho-sexual therapy can be carried out by specially trained specialists, which is usually a partner therapy that includes a lot of behavioral counseling, so-called psychotherapy. homework, research, communication work among partners, and the like.

Other ways of consulting people with erectile dysfunction should not neglect non-pharmacological sexual processes. For example, in a part of a patient, the penicillin ring (which is placed before erection, with the aim of preventing venous blood vessels), especially if the insertion of this ring is incorporated into the predilection and becomes part of the overall sexual activity, this can be a useful method of attenuating ED -And.

Also, the use of vibrator (on penis frenulum) can have a beneficial effect on strengthening strength and duration of erection. From the pharmacological procedure in the second step, prostaglandins (in the form of intracavernosal injection – the first time in urology, and then learned by the patient to perform it alone or in the form of creams / gels) can be advised.Patient pumps are some interesting to the patients and are pleased with them, while others are using this tool. They are highly successful, and the most common remarks that users have is that the erection”feels different” and that it is not natural. Also, in some cases, it is necessary to install penile prosthesis, which are highly sophisticated today and the ignorant person will not notice that the man has no “natural” erection.