Erectile dysfunction (ED) has always been a sensitive issue for men. It usually puts pressure on the men concerned and their relationships. Besides, there is often the worry of not being considered masculine enough. As a result, many men avoid discussing their problems with a confidante or a doctor. Some of the reasons that cause impotence are frequent within the male population and are relatively easy to treat. Impotence does not have to remain a problem! Read here about the possible causes and the best ways to solve erection problems.


What is erectile dysfunction?

Problems with erection are called erectile dysfunction (ED), often simply called impotence. All terms refer to the same symptoms.
Erectile dysfunction is when the affected man cannot get or maintain an erection in at least two-thirds of attempts. The limb does not become hard or it slacks prematurely. The symptoms must persist for a period of at least 6 months to speak of erectile dysfunction in the true sense.

Occasional potency problems are not included. For example, it is not considered as erectile dysfunction if a man can’t get or maintain an erection after drinking alcohol. Even in times of a lot of stress or stressful worries, it is normal for men not to “be able” always and at any time. Many men are already taking natural products such as REGEN50 to prevent further potency problems.

How common is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition. More than half of those over 60 are affected. According to other studies, every second man is affected by the age of 50. Among men over 70 years of age, it is estimated to two thirds. For this reason alone, erectile dysfunction does not have to be embarrassing for a man. But potency problems can also occur at a significantly younger age, but most of the time in younger men causes are different than the ones with an older man. In the following text, you will find out what these are, how and why they appear, and, above all, how can you get them under control with natural products such as REGEN50.

The causes of erectile dysfunction 

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be divided into psychological and physical causes. The physical causes predominate in most cases. Purely psychological causes can occur, especially in younger men, but are comparatively rarely the sole reason.

The most common physical causes of impotence include:

  • Lack of testosterone
  • Diseases in the genital area, e.g. an enlarged prostate or inflammation of the prostate
  • Heart and vascular diseases, e.g. High blood pressure or vascular malformations, smoking
  • Metabolic diseases, e.g. Diabetes mellitus
  • Diseases of the nervous system, e.g. multiple sclerosis
  • Previous pelvic surgery and penile injuries
  • Taking certain prescription drugs, such as SSRIs or beta-blockers

From all the above-mentioned causes prostate enlargement, prostate inflammation, and testosterone deficiency are the most common cause of erectile dysfunction. Despite the unpleasant consequences, these causes are also those that can be treated well in most cases! In addition to various drugs, which we will go into in more detail later, natural active ingredients such as those contained in REGEN50 have also proven themselves helpful.

Another problem often arises over time: the pressure to perform.

The longer the problems persist and the more dissatisfied the couple becomes because of it, the more important one (s) desire to get the full performance in bed back, gets. It is not uncommon for real pleasure to take a back seat, and the pressure to perform to take up the lead. This creates a vicious cycle. That is why it is always very important to be open with your partner! After all, sex should primarily be fun for both of you. As already indicated, these psychological causes can also be the sole trigger of erectile dysfunction. However, in most cases, they are more the result of an organic trigger.

The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

The examination and diagnosis of erectile dysfunction are carried out by a urologist. In some cases, it can be useful to consult a neurologist, psychologist, or other specialists. The reason for this is that several factors often interact and can lead to a potency problem.

First, the anamnesis takes place. Here, the patient describes to his doctor how the problems manifest themselves, since when they have existed and which other abnormalities they have experienced. It is also taken into account whether there are previous illnesses or the man is taking certain medications that have potency problems as a side effect and whether this medication can be changed. The doctor can use ultrasound and palpation to determine whether there are any anatomical changes, such as an enlarged prostate. Often a blood sample is also taken, for example, to determine if there is a testosterone deficiency. In many cases, after these examinations, the cause is found and appropriate treatment can begin. In other cases, further examinations follow, for example, the NPTR measurement (the nocturnal measurement of the erectile tissue stiffness on three consecutive days) or the SKIT examination (erectile tissue injection test).

Erectile dysfunction: what to do?

What to do after erectile dysfunction is diagnosed? When it comes to erectile dysfunction, most people immediately think of taking potency enhancers. Many men reach for these aids. However, many of them are chemically produced and carry various risks and side effects. It is not uncommon for men to shy away from taking it. Natural sexual enhancers offer an alternative. They have significantly fewer side effects, usually none at all. Still, they can make a considerable contribution by alleviating both the cause and symptoms of impotence. Since they are natural and low-risk, such sexual enhancers can be bought over the counter. With natural products like REGEN50, it is sometimes possible to treat the causes of erectile dysfunction instead of just the symptoms.

If there is an organic cause of the potency problems, it is treated first. By treating the organic cause of the problem the impotence usually gets resolved as well. The prescription drugs can have impotence as side effects. If that is the case, your doctor will try to switch you to another drug. If a testosterone deficiency is diagnosed, the male hormone can be supplemented after consulting a doctor, but sometimes lifestyle changes can help to bring the hormones back into balance. Stress reduction also plays an important role in therapy. The following drugs are often used for erectile dysfunction:

  • Potency drugs, mostly PDE-5 inhibitors
  • Natural remedies like REGEN50, which can also help against numerous causes of erectile problems
  • Natural aphrodisiacs

Surgical intervention is only required in rare cases.

Men should also talk to their partner. Mutual understanding can take much pressure off. Also, they should keep in mind that a fulfilling sex life is not just about „penetration“. All this is a pressure that would only worsen the impotence problem.

How REGEN50 can help with potency problems

REGEN50 is a purely natural product. It contains several active ingredients from nature that can significantly improve erection problems in several ways. The ingredients are:

  • Sabal palm extract
  • African plum bark extract
  • Pumpkin seed extract
  • Vitamins C, E, and B6
  • Zinc and magnesium

REGEN50 STRONG also contains the following ingredients for a stronger and even more powerful recipe:

  • Maca
  • L-arginine
  • Indian frankincense resin extract
  • Lycopene


The natural ingredients in REGEN50, free of side effects, are primarily used to regenerate the urinary system and the prostate. This covers the treatment of a common cause of potency problems. Studies have also proven the stabilization of the libido. The sabal palm extract and the extract of the African plum bark have been known for decades for its ability to increase potency and erection. Maca and L-arginine are also known for the same benefits.

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