Great sex life requires a firm and long-lasting erection combined with intense orgasms, in order to last.

A natural aphrodisiac for every pocket!

Since today there are numerous men struggling with impotence no wonder that aphrodisiacs and natural aphrodisiacs appear in different forms . Stress, unhealthy diets, diseases among with other risk factors, that are effecting on men’s health, can cause erectile dysfunction. Most common consequences are weak erection, lack of erection, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation etc. Besides physical causes, erection problems can also occur as a result of psychosomatic illnesses cause by emotional experiences, or neurotic conflicts.

Natural aphrodisiacs supplements always contain herbal ingredients with proven efficiency that have been used for centuries, but have only recently been used more by many consumers. People’s awareness how natural remedies impact their health has increased with internet usage that allowed greater products availability for the buyers. Online shopping allowed sales boom of natural medicines as well, avoiding standard sales channels by large pharmaceutical companies. It is most common that almost every household nowadays has at least one natural cure in their “home pharmacy” and that almost every self-aware man contains at least one capsule of natural aphrodisiac in his pocket.


Using natural aphrodisiacs shows great results!
No matter the cause of impotence, erectile dysfunction, and various forms of erection problems, men are constantly looking for a solution that will have the best quality-price-ratio. And for most of them taking natural aphrodisiac supplements has shown as the best solution.


Natural aphrodisiacs efficiency can only be guaranteed by perfectly balanced formula and right proportion of the ingredients.

Natural aphrodisiac is the term used to describe any product, made of herbal ingredients, with proven efficiency in treating or eliminating symptoms associated with an erection or erectile dysfunction. Currently on the market you can find numerous products under this term. Most of these products differ in composition, efficiency, packaging and packing size and origin.

According to the latest scientific studies conducted to determine the real efficiency of natural aphrodisiacs supplements, formula that was the most popular and effective includes following composition: saw palmetto, nettle roots, pumpkin seeds, African plums, Maca, lycopene, L-arginine, zinc, magnesium , Vitamin B6, E, C, Indian frankincense, etc. Saw palmetto and African plum are known for their efficiency in treating impotence and premature ejaculation, and Maca has a very strong effect as an aphrodisiac, enhances libido, affects stronger erection, endurance, boosts fertility. Indian frankincense slows prostate growth, affects better blood flow to the body. L-arginine is a powerful aphrodisiac and amino acid that increases blood flow to the penis and helps produce extremely powerful erections. Nettle and zinc enhance libido, sperm production and stimulate sexual desire in men, thus affecting greater sexual activity in men. Nettle also acts on potency. Zinc also contributes to maintaining testosterone levels, etc.


Only products with proven efficiency should be called “Natural aphrodisiacs”.

Currently on the market there are lot of different brands of natural aphrodisiacs and stimulants. The term natural aphrodisiac should be reserved exclusively for those brands that are really effective. Unfortunately, not all brands are “true” natural aphrodisiac primarily because they are not effective enough, do not act as described on their website, or cause severe side effects. Usually it’s about brands that have exotic names coming from exotic, Asian origin. Unfortunately, such brands cannot be associated with safe, tested and proven products. We have also witnessed some well-known brands withdrawal due to serious health threats. On the other side, there are natural aphrodisiac brands produced within EU, especially in Germany, that have proven efficiency. One of most known natural aphrodisiac brands on the market are REGEN50 and REGEN50 STRONG, produced in Germany. These brands are tested and we can confidently state that they have excellent quality, fast acting, safe to use and do not cause side effects. We consider REGEN50 a leader on the market of natural aphrodisiacs and natural prostate remedies efficient with urinary disorders, stimulating libido, etc. and can be considered as the best choice in terms of price, quality and safety. > Find out more about REGEN50.


Natural aphrodisiacs can significantly affect the problem of erectile dysfunction specially in men that are not able to get erection naturally. Sexual quality of life in men having erectile dysfunction affects their relationship with their partner, family, as well as their functioning at work. A man’s sexual satisfaction can directly affect his mental state. To improve your sex life we recommend using quality and proven natural aphrodisiacs.


Can we name natural aphrodisiacs -“Herbal Viagra“?

The term “Herbal Viagra” has become very popular among men recently. When referring to the term “Herbal Viagra”, it is about dietary supplements from natural ingredients, which contain a mixture of exclusively herbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Also, when mentioned in men’s conversations, “Herbal Viagra” then it can also be an association with an individual plant, an extract such as maca, an African plum, or an amino acid such as l-arginine, etc.
However, it is important to warn all those who use the name “Natural Viagra” that they are likely to be in breach of a trademark infringement. Specifically, Viagra is a trade name (brand) for sildenafil citrate, a medicine, and as such should not be used by anyone exept the owner.
Therefor it is much more appropriate and correct instead of “Herbal Viagra” use the term natural aphrodisiacs.


Natural aphrodisiacs - ADVANTAGES AND USAGE